what are the fandom's inside jokes about the band???

Oh god there are so many!! You can find some on http://youmeatsixphilippines.tumblr.com/members

while there are also new ones from the recent Warped Tour when Josh was asking for a pit but people couldn’t make a proper one and he was like RUN AROUND THE FUCKING TENT YOU IMBECILES and also one time he was saying on another show You know why us English men are so good-looking?? BECAUSE WE INVADED YOUR COUNTRY AND THEN GAVE IT BACK WHEN WE WERE DONE WITH IT

and this one too

i know you guys get this a lot and all, but it needs to be asked. is ymas really coming here on september?? i really need an answer. thank you

We are not allowed to confirm or announce any date but they are really coming so don’t worry

hello! i just wanted to ask if you know where i could get Alt. Press mag. issues and/or kerrang mag issues here in the phil? preferably ymas ones? :)

There are some at BOOKSALE stores but they are very rare

link to the bite my tongue behind the scenes?

is you me at six going here?

YES though there is no official announcement yet and we don’t get first hand information to what the official date, venue and producer will be (which we are probably not allowed to tell everyone anyway if ever we did). But rumor is that it will be on September, which would fit their schedule well so

is there anywhere you can buy take off your colours here in the Philippines????

No there isn’t unless you order online. Take Off Your Colours has not been released here as of now but according to Astroplus they are still trying to convince PolyEast and EMI about it.

Hey, I'm a Filipino Sixer and I just wanna know if all of the You Me At Six albums are available in Astroplus/Odyssey nationwide. I checked Astroplus and Odyssey at SM Tarlac and there was no album available. :(

Since Take Off Your Colours has not been released here yet only Hold Me Down and Sinners Never Sleep are available as of now at Astroplus The Block and Odyssey Megamall. It will probably take a while before they distribute copies to branches nationwide. Anyway, since you’re from Tarlac, you can actually just order these albums online from Astroplus with free shipping until March 31. Yes and it comes with freebies: a poster and a dogtag. Read details here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.405016782857537.115736.121819191177299&type=1