Band have hopes to be an ‘arena band’ after Wembley gig this week

You Me At Six have spoken about their future ambitions to be an arena band - citing Linkin Park as a major inspiration.

When talking to Gigwise about whether their upcoming show at Wembley Arena marked the start of a permanent move to playing arenas, bassist Matt Barnes said he hoped they would be as big as Linkin Park.

He said, “Hopefully it’s a start to playing arenas, because all arena bands are absolutely amazing and massive.

"Linkin Park, for instance, are an absolutely incredibly band and they play arenas. They’re a band we especially look up to, so - yeah, we’d love to after this show actually be an arena band, but you can’t just expect that to happen.

"It would be lovely, but if it doesn’t happen then I’m not going to kill myself."

Matt went on to mention the extra pressure the band feel when playing a large arena show, saying, “The thing about arena shows is you actually have to put on a massive show, you can’t just sort of rock up with your little back drops, and just get on with it. You’ve really got to work it.

"That’s why we’ve basically ended up spending all of the money we made from the show on the show. There’s literally not a penny that’s actually going to, well… us. If you know what I mean."

imageYou Me At Six at Day Two of Leeds Festival earlier this year

He finished by telling Gigwise that You Me At Six are looking forward to having some time off, after the excitement of playing Wembley - and said that they have no plans as yet of a follow up to their last album, Sinners Never Sleep.

Matt said, “We’re going to play Wembley and see what happens, maybe chill and put some ideas down together but nothing mega in the pipeline. We just want to live like normal people for a while.

"Since we were sixteen, we’ve been on the road non-stop, so we don’t really know what it’s like to go home and have a house and see your friends on a regular basis."




It’s been a massive year for You Me At Six. As well as touring here, there and everywhere, the boys managed to bag themselves a Kerrang! award (again) and saw their latest album go gold.

With an up and coming headline gig at Wembley Arena in December, their biggest yet, it seems the bands busy schedule isn’t getting any smaller. But that didn’t stop drummer Dan Flint from sparing us a few minutes to chat about music, memories and Miley Cyrus…

So Dan, your album ‘Sinners never Sleep’ recently went Gold… Congratulations! How did it feel?

It’s incredible, especially at a time where not only are artists not selling records but a lot of people are saying rock music is dead. Having three gold albums under our belt makes us feel like we aren’t doing too badly!

And the new single Reckless is out now… what’s the most reckless thing you’ve ever done?

We aren’t really that reckless, but a pretty stupid thing we did on tour in America was shoot signs and other cars with a paintball gun while we were driving down the freeway at 3am…

Rumour has it they love you over there. Are you one of those bands looking to ‘crack America’ and never return? Or are you firmly attached to your UK roots?

We did the Vans Warped tour in the U.S last year and it was incredible for us. We’re currently just concentrating on finishing up this year before we decide on what to do next. It could mean going back into the studio or it could mean going back on tour.

Ooh you’re not giving much away! I think it’s safe to say you’ve done your fair share of travelling on tour so far - which country has been your favourite to gig and why?

We all love Australia. The weather, the shows, the bikinis. Easy chilled life. Awesome place.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten whilst on the road?

In Australia we had a BBQ at a friend’s house where we had kangaroo, crocodile and emu. They were actually all surprisingly nice!

What’s your most memorable experience from tour?

We’ve had so many but I think playing Reading and Leeds festival earlier this year are definitely up there. We had such a huge crowd singing back at us and having our family and friends there made it. It was a seriously incredible day for the band.

Any tips for travelling light?

Use a small bag / suitcase as whatever size bag you take you will always fill it. So if it’s a small bag you’ll travel lighter. Whenever I take my big suitcase I always come home with clean clothes that I took just for the sake of it.

If you could be stranded on a desert island with one other person, who would it be?

Natalie Portman! Yes please.

And what three items would you take?

Booze. Football. Ipod.

What are your top five travelling tunes?

It depends on the situation. If I’m on a plane then I’ll listen to chilled music like John Mayer or the Beggars album by Thrice. But if we’re travelling on the bus and want a party we’ll always put on some Dr. Dre, Jay Z and Kanye, a bit of Miley Cyrus ‘Party in the USA’ and maybe even some One Direction or Carly Rae Jepson! Haha!

What’s on your Christmas list?

Hmm… I want a dog. Something fat and ugly but cute. If that makes sense.

How did it feel to bag ‘Best British Band’ yet again at the Kerrang! awards earlier this year?

Another huge highlight of the year. Going back and looking at some of the other bands who have won it in the past, it’s a real honour to even be associated with them.

What would you say was your ultimate highlight of 2012?

We’ve had an awesome year! It’s hard to choose out of headlining two nights at Brixton Academy, winning the Kerrang! ‘Best British Band’ award again and putting a show on at Wembley Arena. But I think Reading festival was one of the best days we have ever had as a band.

Big year for You Me at Six! What’s next?

We’re finishing off 2012 by playing Wembley Arena on December 8, which we’re all really excited about; the production is going to be insane. Then we’ll take Christmas off to chill with our family and friends and after that decide whether to go back on tour or get back in the studio!

One last and very important question… Have you ever been naked in public? If yes, why?

I think I have on holiday once. But Max has most definitely been naked in public, many times! Most of the time there’s no real reason he just likes to get nude!



Hi Dan!  How excited are you about headlining Wembley Arena this December?
"Very excited! It’s the biggest headline show to date for our band. We’ve supported Fall Out Boy and Paramore there before, but to actually headline is an incredible thing for us!"

What is your favourite song to play right now?
"I think Reckless as it’s a fan favourite. We’ve been getting the crowd to take their shirts off and wave them over their heads, which looks awesome too!”

Do you have any rituals that you go through before you perform?
"We get into a huddle and pump each other up. We used to sing the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme tune, but it got a bit long after a while!”

Your album is called Sinners Never Sleep, so we want to know if you’re a sinner… or a saint!
So, what was the last lie you told and who was it to?
"Haha…. it wasn’t anything big! I just lied to my friend about being too busy to go out with him because I actually wanted to continue sitting in my pants playing Xbox."
Verdict: SINNER!

What was the last nice thing you did for someone else?
"I cook for my mum pretty much every day. I’m quite the chef."
Verdict: SAINT!

What is the most amount of food you’ve eaten in one sitting?
"My friends and I have this thing called Lad Tuesday and last Tuesday we had a HUGE curry and watched the football. I could barely move after!"
Verdict: SINNER! (Greed is a sin, you know!)

You muck up during a show - do you admit it or blame someone else?
"As the drummer it’s pretty hard to blame it on someone else as it’s always pretty obvious it’s you. But anywhere I can I try to blame someone else!"
Verdict: SINNER!

Would you take something out of the laundry and wear it again?
"Never! I’m a wear-it-once-and-wash-it kind of dude."
Verdict: SAINT!

What is your most reckless purchase ever?
"Probably my car!"
Verdict: SINNER!

Total: Oh dear, it looks like Dan is a sinner! Tut tut!

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ITVNews Interview with Dan and Matt at Leeds 2012
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ITVNews Interview with Dan and Matt at Leeds 2012

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Buzzine Interview with Dan, Chris and Matt


Talking Rock, Taking The Awards, Hitting The Road And Proving That ‘Sinners Never Sleep’

In 2008 British rock band You Me at Six burst onto the scene with their critically acclaimed debut album Take Off Your Colours. In four short years commercial success has followed each release, while the nominations and awards have come rolling in.

It was during the heat of the Warped Tour 2012, in Irvine CA, that Buzzine’s Stefan Goldby sat down with Matt Barnes, Dan Flint and Chris Miller to discuss the band’s increasing acclaim, the latest developments in their musical direction, the driving desire to continually revise their personal goals, and even the release of their own clothing brands, perhaps proving that ‘Sinners Never Sleep’…

Stefan Goldby: We’re going back to the future a little bit, but in terms of the new record - out here in America beginning of this year and released in the UK last year - you worked with Garth Richardson, here in L.A.: What did he bring to the creative process for you -wWhat made this album different from what you’d done before?

Matt Barnes: We were used to recording with our friends at home because these two guys called Matt Greeley and John Mitchell, we did our first two albums with them so it was like super casual. We were only forty minutes away from our homes. So we went really out of our comfort zone to go after him. And he’s a really cool dude. He’s worked with massive bands Biffy Clyro and Skunk Anansie.

Dan Flint: I guess the reason that’s why this record was different is because this is the first time that… we don’t usually do pre-production, a big producer. It was a new experience for us to sit down with someone like Garth, and he’d pick apart our songs slightly and say, “Why don’t you try, y’know, lengthening that chorus or shortening that one?” And y’know, he’d help you make sure the songs are to the highest standard, I guess.

SG: Was this a conscious effort to take yourselves out of the comfort zone?

DF: We just wanted a new experience really, as Matt said… we’d done two records with, like our friends basically, and we just wanted to try something a bit different. So he met me there, Garth Richardson. He came down to see us play in London and he loved it, so he was more than happy to do an album with us in f***ing L.A. [Laughs] Yeah… we wanted to stay in Hollywood!

MB: For obvious reasons. It was messy, so…

DF: …I remember basically saying “If we get our stuff done by this date, then we can go to Vegas that weekend because it’s our birthday weekend.” And yeah, I remember finishing by four, and then by six we’re in the car driving to Vegas! [Laughs]

SG: So aside from a day trying to get done to head out to Vegas, is there a session that stands out most in your minds when it comes to the making of this record?

Chris Miller: I don’t think any particular day stands out just because all days just blur into one when you’re recording for two or three months, y’know? But I think just the whole experience itself is pretty memorable; to be in the new environment, the new people, lots of new equipment we never played with before, and just the whole process was standout amazing, and we produced a great record at the end of it!

DF: See the studio that we worked in as well, had had the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin… so that was quite monumental; that we were able to go there and make an album with these platinum disks on the wall: It’s sort of daunting…

SG: You also reached outside of the band - you had Oli Sykes and Winston McCall popping up to make contributions: Were those cases where they were people that you wanted to work with so you crafted a song to their voices, or finding voices to match songs?

MB: I think we wrote the songs before we even had it in mind. We’re really good friends with Oli and Winston and we had these two songs that were just slightly heavier than everything else on our album. We were like, “Hey, if we get Oli on this, it could sound even heavier and even better”.  

He came in, tried to track some stuff down - it sounded amazing. And it just kind of stayed on - it’s sort of trial and error. I think we were like, “Let’s see if it works!” and it did work. It was awesome.

DF: Yeah, we winced and we sent it back, kind of ironically, to the studio where we recorded our first two albums. And he was about an hour down the road and he got in a cab. He was touring England, we were in America. And it’s 6:00 a.m. where we were and Josh was on Skype, saying “This is what you are going to do… do this like this to this bit.” I think Josh ended up falling asleep! [Laughs] This was at 7:00 a.m. He would wake up in the morning, and ask, “Did it sound good?!!”

SG: You came to LA, you worked with Garth, brought in all these different people. Now with a little bit of hindsight thinking about the album itself, what are you proudest of about the finished record?

CM: I think it’s the overall sound of it, and just the content on the album. I think we always have a lot different genres on the CD, so I think just being able to craft songs in different genres is exciting.

MB: Yeah, it’s nice. We’ve got… like I was saying earlier… heavy songs, they’re like more ‘proper’ songs. Like if you compare “Reckless” to “Bite My Tongue”, it sounds like a kind of different band. But we like to hit all these different genres. We’re just trying to like mix it up. It gets boring playing the same stuff over and over again. We like to mix it up. Next album might be bluegrass, we just don’t know it yet! [Laughs] 

DF: Well, we just write whatever we kind of want to hear and maybe we’ll do the ‘Chili Peppers’ kind of song. We don’t really think about it too much, then we just look and see, and see how it turns out in the end…

SG: Keeping with that theme of being musically open-minded, on the track “Rescue Me”, you worked with American Hip Hop duo Chiddy Bang: that is probably not the most obvious collaboration in the minds of most fans! How did that come about? And when it did. were you consciously trying to bring them into your musical world, or was it just a straight meeting of the minds somewhere in the middle between the two groups’ usual musical genres?

DF: Some of us went down to the Chiddy Bang show in London just like… he’s kind of into the same kind of stuff as us, y’know… like skating. And we… had mutual friends, basically. And so we went down to the show and we had this song that we were joking around with and do we really want to… didn’t think it would fit in the album anyway. So we toyed with the idea of having Chiddy Bang rap over it, and he was up for it so we kind of just did it and see what happened.

MB. Yeah. It was a really quick thing. We kind of just did it just to see how it would happen. So I think he’s been like two or three days of work before saying “well okay, cool, that’s done.”!

DF: Didn’t want to take it too seriously. We weren’t even in the video, we were just like…

MB: Yeah, they were like, “Do you want to be in the video?” We were like, “No!” [Laughs]

CM: But it’s just the point… it’s really that we’re not pigeonholed as one sound. We can, and we like, doing different things. I just find it boring in a band. to really sound the same and many times, it’s nice to have variation.

SG: Does bringing Chiddy or Oli or Winston into the circle help you guys see the way that you make music in a new light… after seeing the way that they do it?

CM: I think it’s exciting having someone else on board. Essentially, we’ve been writing music together for five or six years. So when you have someone new and fresh in the studio with you, or writing with you, it’s just a nice new experience.

DF: Yeah, adds another dynamic.

SG: “No One Does it Better”, it’s much softer than what you’ve done before. Was that a big decision for you guys? You’ve said you like to break it down and keep everybody off balance a little bit. Was that a conscious effort to say “Alright, we can go this way, and still be ourselves”?

DF: I mean, I remember the day that you [Matt] came in. We were rehearsing and Chris was on this riff and everyone was just like, “That’s so cool and so different than anything we’ve ever done before.” And then we were thought, “It might work if we wrote them like kind of more chilled out, like a Chili Peppers style song”. And everyone just kind of ran with it. It ended up being, I think, one of our favorite songs on the album, which is why we then sort of did a video for it. I think yeah, it’s just another way of proving that we’re not just a one-trick pony kind of thing, we can write in any style.

MB: It’s just fun to me, that’s just fun. I don’t understand bands that just write the same album as their last album.

DF: Everyone else sticks to one genre of music. It’s sort of like when we play shows of that kind… headline shows on our last tour… everyone went just as crazy for “Crash” as they did for “Bite My Tongue” or whatever. So I mean, I think we… I like to think we just sound like You Me At Six, you know?

SG: The “Stay With Me”; video was filmed back here in Southern California. You recorded your last album in Southern California, You’re back here touring… in Southern California. You came here with a glint in your eyes, almost as tourists, but over the past year you’ve accomplished all this work, and also got to live and breath the place; has the West Cost atttraction faded at all?

DF: There are definitely parts of California and L.A. that we like and dislike. I think we maybe made a mistake living in the center of Hollywood - we lived on Hollywood and Vine. And there’s a lot of homeless people and this may sound werid… because obviously, for how short a time we actually lived there… but there was a lot of tourists which, after a while, when you’re trying to actually live and work, it gets kind of annoying. So I think then I remember driving out to see one of my friends out in Santa Monica. And we drove out to Malibu one day and we were thinking, “God, we should have been living out here!”  [Laughs] We love In-N-Out burgers so we’re always going to love California! [Laughs] And it’s only four hours from Vegas! [Laughs]

I like the fact that you can wake up every day… we were here for two months and there was one day that it rained. Whereas back home, where we’re from, if you wake up and it’s sunny, everyone’s straight down the shops to buy a barbecue and trying to get friends over. Whereas you know, over here you just, do it last minute… We don’t!

SG: So, here we are sitting backstage at Warped Tour… four days in… What has met your expectations and what’s been a complete surprise so far?

CM: I think the crowds have been surprising because they’ve been really, really good. But as far as the tour goes, we’ve been here so many times there is no surprise really. We’re on the same stage we were two years ago. It’s just the same madness.

DF: Yeah, this is great. The signings and the shows have gone bigger, and I don’t really know why, but they have. It’s made it more enjoyable to actually go on to a new place. Otherwise, this tour can get quite stressful… if you’re really hustling every day and you’re selling your soul trying to get five people to come watch you. We’ve been lucky enough today to have a few people who are interested about the band. The first day or second day we were up at the same time as Taking Back Sunday, and even today we played up against We The Kings. And there’s other big bands you try and contend with, and the fact that we still had a great show, that’s pretty promising for the future.

CM: Thumbs up! [Laughs]

SG: Having climbed the musical mountain in the UK, commercially and critically, is it exciting to take another run at a bigger mountain here in America? Success in Britain is very different from moving towards it here because America’s almost an idea more than a country. America is so many different things all jammed together. How do you try and get your head around that as a band?

DF: America’s really quite daunting, I think, because… even the first time we ever played in Chicago, it was crazy. It was so good. So a ton of people emerged… tons of people came to watch us. It was, “Oh my God, maybe this is it! We’re a big band in America!” [Laughs] And you go a few hours down the road and no one cares.

I think that’s the hardest thing about it is if you get big in England, you can travel across England and play decent shows everywhere. Whereas over here, you could literally be big on the East Coast and not be on the West Coast. So I think if anything, it’s just really daunting…

CM: Do we like the challenge, though?

DF: Yeah!

CM: And one of my favorite parts about being in a band is you always play to crowds that don’t know who you are or don’t necessarily like you. So you’ve got a challenge of winning people over and there’s no better feeling than winning a crowd over,  like the start of the set, no one cares… but by the end they’re going crazy. So I think America’s just one big challenge, really. We just want to get as far as we can, just to be honest. And work hard, just get on with it, see what happens.

DF: Yeah. It’s always fun when someone comes up to you and says, “I’ve never heard of your band, I had stumbled across your set at Warped Tour when I was buying CDs… and I really liked it!” - that’s always really quite exciting for us to hear.

SG: What did it mean to you, stepping up again recently as winners at the Kerrang Awards in the UK? That may not something that’s in the everyday consciousness, in America, but it’s a hell of a big deal in the British rock scene…

CM: It’s an amazing achievement, I think, for us to be up against such big bands in the UK. And just to still be on top in terms of having that award…

DF: We all grew up reading Kerrang (magazine) and even the first year that we ever went to the Kerrang Awards, we were… I think the way they do it is obviously when you get nominated, they put the video of yours up. The first year we ever went it was such a small band, they just put a photo up of us…

MB: …it was so embarrassing!

DF: We didn’t even have a video. And we were there, we were like the little sixteen-year-olds who were running around really drunk making fools of ourselves. I couldn’t believe that we were at the Kerrang Awards…

MB: …Max was sixteen years old at the time and he got so drunk he passed out in a bush out in the front and Kerry King took a photo of him. Then someone went around Kerry King’s house three years later and saw this photo of Max on a computer…

DF: …It’s like Max’s claim to fame. Only a few years later, we were up against bands like Bullet For My Valentine and this year, we were up against Iron Maiden. And two years in a row, we’ve won best British band!

SG: Congratulations! And so, finally, away from music… one member of a band having their own clothing line, okay, we’re kind of used to that… Two of you having your own clothing lines, well, that was a good idea… But three of you have your own design labels now… [Laughs] Is making music really just holding back your budding fashion careers at this point?

MB: [Laughs] Yeah, I think it is, to some extent! [Laughs] No, when we’re on the road so much, we’re so full-on and nonstop. So when we go home, we kind of just chill and just don’t do anything. We just go insane so we need something to sort of vent our…

DF: …creative…

MB: …our creative side, basically. So we just started doing some stuff.

DF: Fashion goes hand in hand with music, I think. Like you’re going to have to walk around Warped Tour to see the crazy different fashions that people are into. So I mean, like Matt said, it’s something fun to do when you’re at home. And I think quite often, it’s something fun to do with different friends rather than the same five people. Because we’ve probably spent so much time together so then when you get home, you need other ways to enjoy your time with different people; hence, the designing clothes.

CM: [Laughs] I need to make one, my own label….

UpVenue Interview with Max, Josh and Dan at Warped Tour


A few weeks ago when Warped Tour hit Montreal, we had the opportunity to chat with Max Helyer, Josh Franceschi and Dan Flint of You Me At Six. Being no strangers to Warped Tour, we talked about how the festival has changed over the years, Dan’s experience with the olympic torch, and more.

Below you’ll find a few highlights from our interview as well as the full video interview.

You posted a video of Dan running with the Olympic torch, how did that come to be?

Dan - We’ve been doing some events for Coca-Cola to do with the Olympics as it’s in London, and we played a few shows for them, did a few sort of press things for them, and they just sent us an email that said, “does anyone in the band want to run with the torch”, and I was lucky enough to do it. 

If you got the chance to participate in the olympics, which events do you think you’d excel at?

Dan - Women’s Volleyball

Josh - We’d do good at that. That’s a really good question, I guess we could do football, but I don’t think we’d excel at it. Maybe wrestling because we’re all in really good shape and really strong *flexes muscles*

Max - Maybe the diving board

Dan - I’m going to stay with women’s volleyball

Everyone - Women’s volleyball!

Max - Women’s volleyball is a strong one, I think we’d do good at that.

Josh - As long as we got to hang out with them afterwards we’d be alright

Watch interviews with Josh, Dan and Max at the Olympic Torch Relay Finale last July 24th at Hyde Park in London

Matt and Dan’s interview with Circles and Soundwaves at the Irvine Warped Tour

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